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Algebraic Graph Theory

Geometric group theory is an area in mathematics devoted to the study of finitely generated groups via exploring the connections between algebraic properties of such groups and topological and geometric properties of spaces on which these groups act. Another important idea in geometric group theory is to consider finitely generated groups themselves as geometric objects. This is usually done by studying the Cayley graphs of groups, which, in addition to the graph structure, are endowed with the structure of a metric space, given by the so-called word metric.

Navigation Problem in Graph Theory

The concept of metric dimension was introduced by Slater, connection with the problem of uniquely recognising the position of intruders in networks. On the other hand, the concept of metric dimension of a graph was independently introduced by Harary and Melter, where metric generators were named resolving sets. After these two seminal papers, several works concerning applications, as well as some theoretical properties, of this invariant were published. For instance, applications to the navigation of robots in networks are discussed

Current Active Research Area

End-to-End verifiable voting systems

End-to-end auditable or (E2E) systems are voting systems with stringent integrity properties and strong tamper resistance. E2E systems often employ cryptographic methods to craft receipts that allow voters to verify that their votes were counted as cast, without revealing which candidates were voted for.

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