Ehsan Estaji

Mathematics, Computer Science, Web Design( Just for fun ! )


2019 - Present

University of Luxembourg

From the 1st June 2019 I am a doctoral researcher in Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) in University of Luxembourg. My current research area lie mainly Information Assurance and particularly in cryptographic verifiable voting systems. I am under the supervision of Prof. Peter Ryan and Dr. Peter Roenne. 



Indian Statistal Insitute

I was in Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi for several months as a visiting researcher working with Prof. R.B. Bapat on the Moore-Penrose inverse of adjacency graphs of some graph classes.

2013 - Present

Hakim Sabzevari University

I was an Assistant Professor in Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Hakim Sabzevari University for about seven years. I have taught many course for Bachelor , Masters and Phd degree programs, namely Algebraic graph theory, Commutative Algebra, Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, etc.

Also I have graduated several Master students in Pure Mathematics which most of their dissertations were about the Metric Dimension of Graphs. 

2012 - 2013

Montanuniversitat Leoben, Austria

I was a visiting researcher in this university under supervision of Prof. Wilfried Imrich. The main topic of research in this sabbatical was studying of graph symmetry invariants like distinguishing number of Cartesian product of graphs of any cardinality. 



Ph.D. in Algebraic Graph Theory


M.Sc. in Geometry-Dynamical Systems


B.Sc. in Pure Mathematic


SAGE 65%
Maple, Mathematica 80%
Vector Graphic Language : PGF 75%
Python 60%
mySQL 65%
PHP 60%
JavaScript 50%
WordPress 85%
Html & CSS 100%